holding electromagnets


Electromechanical devices

M.A.G. produces holding electromagnets for many different uses:
  • fire-prevention systems
  • fire stop doors
  • electromagnetic locks
  • anti-intrusion accessories
  • locks for cabinets and safes

Electromagnetic locks
The workshop in Caronno Petrusella, in the province of Varese, will manufacture products tailored to the needs of the client: for example, electromagnetic locks are produced with high holding force, electromagnets for heavy loads for specialised applications, as well as miniature electromagnets.
M.A.G. is a company that has developed the expertise to design products dedicated to specific customer requirements: due to technical design software related to modern equipment for the production of electromechanical components, we can ensure highly reliable products. Our products are then also used to create technical fasteners for control cabinets, electrical panels and high security door locks.
After completing the prototype, we carry out electrical and mechanical testing and check for leaks during environmental and working conditions supplied by the developer. Next we ensure the mass production and supply of our holding magnets are carried out properly.
To receive advice and request further technical information, please contact our technical department filling out the form

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