electromagnetic tubes
Applications for safety devices
Tubular electromagnets allow you to operate devices such as automatic lift doors, locks, gates, and are widely used to operate all the safety devices used by railways, public transport and in workplaces where it is necessary to ensure staff safety when maneuvering machines.

M.A.G. operates in its headquarters located in in Caronno Petrusella, in the province of Varese. The workshop deals with the production of high-performance tubular electromagnets which can be used in various fields:
  • automotive
  • industrial automation
  • security locks
  • movement actuators for industrial machinery
The solenoids are manufactured to be supplied with direct current and alternating current, it is possible to produce personalised models with current rectifiers and these can be supplemented with specific operating mechanisms such as producing fastening electromagnets with a keyhole of varying diameters.

Consulting for custom design
electromagnet tube production

By submitting a request to theelectromagnetic component workshop , you will receive a consultation with a custom design and building devices that meet all of your technical specifications. For further information or to find out about the services we offer at M.A.G., you can contact our technical department by filling out the form
Our operators will be at your disposal.

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