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Produzione componenti elettromeccanici

M.A.G. since 1975 - Production of electromechanical components for mechanical engineering

M.A.G. is located in Caronno Pertusella, in the Varese province, and since we were established in 1975, we have been responsible for production of electromechanical components in all areas of mechanical engineering:

  • industrial automation

  • automotive components

  • medical equipment

  • safety devices

  • protection system


Our company, relying on a team of technicians and engineers, develops custom prototypes to the customer's requirements both quickly and in full compliance with the specifications provided.
We provide design and development services for components that are preliminarily tested, verified and then mass-produced, with the aid of CAD and computer-controlled precision machines that guarantee high performance.

Fornitura di elettromagneti

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