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Pulling, releasing, pushing

M.A.G., based in Caronno Petrusella, manufactures components for the construction of machines and automated devices. Enclosed electromagnets are used in vending machines, in electromedical equipment, in ticket machines and many other types of machines that use electrically powered magnetic fields for operational applications.

The workshop in Varese produces:

  • miniature enclosed electromagnets

  • release magnets

  • push-pull magnets

  • undervoltage electromagnets


We make use of CAD and computer controlled precision machinery to able to also develop prototypes on request and to our customers'design.

Elettromagneti a mantello Caronno Pertusella


Electromechanical devices can be made in both DC and AC formats and are calibrated based on the application and the technical data specified by the customer. Our staff work to provide enclosed electromagnets based on our clients' industrial systems: for example we create electromagnets for the automation of textile machines.
The technicians in Varese shall verify that we have met our customer's specifications in the test phase. The products supplied by M.A.G. meet certified quality standards.


Miniature enclosed electromagnets;

Competitive pricing of solenoid and electromagnetic components, the quick transformation of a project into a prototype and therefore quick delivery of the end product, makes M.A.G. one of the most reliable and well-regarded suppliers both in Italy and abroad.
For more information about procedures and production times, contact us by calling 02 9659908 or by filling out the form below.

Fornitura di elettromagneti

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